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Bring China to the American Classroom

Glimpse a 4,000 year old culture

Chinese Language Curriculum in American Schools

CCEC works directly with local American schools and school districts to integrate a Chinese curriculum that includes both language and cultural studies into their program. We consult with schools and assist with hiring certified native Chinese language instructors who can serve American schools and school districts based on their needs by working with the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Han Ban).


Our programs have been proven to be a very successful model of implementing a Mandarin Chinese Language curriculum combined with corresponding cultural studies in American schools in the past ten years.


CCEC will:

  • Recruit Chinese teachers and introduce them to American schools  

  • Implement the program as an educational tool designed to benefit people from different countries and regions of the world who want to learn the Mandarin language

  • Provide consulting work with curriculum, teacher’s management, teacher’s orientation and lesson planning

  • Assist teachers in obtaining a teaching certificate in the US for long-term positions




The Chinese Culture and Education Center is also committed to bringing the rich history of China to your school. School presentations we regularly provide include :


  • Artifacts and costumes, music and cultural information for your international fair or cultural diversity program

  • Chinese history presentations for your global studies or non-western civilization classes

  • Language demonstrations including an introduction to Chinese calligraphy



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