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GATE Online Academy

GATE online academy is dedicated to elevating the concept of K-12 online education. We offer premium digital educational content at all levels from  pre-K to grade 12. More than merely glorified YouTube videos, classes at GATE online academy are taught by real teachers, in real time, to small groups of students. We offer a large range of classes running the gamut from basic reading to AP Calculus, AP Art History, and AP Psychology. Our teachers are carefully selected from schools with distinguished records of STEAM education and recommended based on demonstrated teaching excellence. 

GATE has partnered with the top high schools in the United States according to the National Consortium for Specialized Secondary Schools (NCSSS) and a top educational technology company in order to provide the best online educational experience possible. Our educators teach AP and STEAM-focused courses in order to provide all students with the best, most affordable, and convenient international education available.   

GATE online academy has been designed with special focus on the needs of Chinese students. Chinese students are the highest percentage of international students applying for and attending American universities. In response to this high demand, many Chinese students begin learning English at a very young age. As a result, increasing numbers of Chinese parents view access to a a quality American-style K-12 curriculum as an essential advantage. GATE online academy exists to fill that need. We have experienced teams in place in the US and China ready to ensure that access to a high-level, individualized STEAM education is never again limited by borders. 

If you are interested in registering for a course at GATE Online Academy please contact us! 

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