Teaching opportunities in China

Teaching abroad is an exciting way to shape the lives of students. Chinese students are excited to learn from an American teacher and are eager to start learning from you. Teaching in China is a great opportunity for not only your professional growth but your personal growth as well. We hope you will consider joining us on an adventure to Beijing!

Summer English Teaching and Exploration in China

This is an opportunity for you to teach English to Chinese students in Beijing for 4 weeks during the month of July. You will immerse yourself in the Chinese culture, visit local cities, and truly get a Chinese experience. Please register below!

Summer STEAM/PBL/PLTW Teaching and Exploration in China

If you are a STEAM/PBL/PLTW teacher, this is an opportunity for you to bring your signature creativity and expertise into Chinese classrooms. There is a very high demand for American-style STEAM curricula throughout China. Other than teaching, you will have time to explore China and really immerse yourself in the Chinese culture for a truly amazing experience!


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