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The Chinese Culture and Education Center (CCEC) is a Non-Profit organization located in Spartanburg, South Carolina that serves as a public media and information resource for Chinese cultural education and international business related projects.  We strive to promote and recognize Chinese culture and heritage, assist in the mutual understanding and cooperation between the Chinese and non-Chinese-speaking communities, and to help bridge the gap between the US and China through cross cultural education, training, and consultation programs for students, educators, private and public organizations, professionals and entrepreneurs.

We have an established working partnership with ITES (International Teachers Exchange Services) to assist teaching certification and visa application for Chinese teachers in US.

Executive Director, Huaiying Kang, serves as the United States representative for the Department of Education of Hebei Province, China.  She also serves as the liaison between the South Carolina Education Department and Hebei Provence in matters concerning international education and cross cultural exchanges.